Natalie Turvey
Natalie Turvey has a special interest in human performance and healthy relationships. Natalie is a Registered Psychologist and Clinic Hypnotherapist and has experience in a wide range of settings such as school leavers, child safety, forensic psychology, disabilities, child and adolescent mental health as well as private practice.

Natalie has been working with human behaviour for over 25 years and is a highly sought after speaker on the topic. She has helped thousands of clients gain their best life through her private practice. Natalie's passion is to minimise stigma around mental health and teach the world how to improve relationships, live by their values, and move towards a balanced tranquil life. 
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The Easy Guide to Unbreakable Relationships 
Relationships aren't easy.
Never have been, never will be, but in today's world, with society operating at a frenetic pace, many of us are losing the ability to connect with others and ourselves. Very soon there will be a tipping point, and relationships- as we know them- will look vastly different. We'll need new tools to navigate them. 
Get to understand why it is important to have healthy relations and then learn the easy steps to create them in abundance around you. 
The must-read book will teach you HOW to transform any relationship by understanding and implementing a few simple strategies used by Natalie Turvey herself. 

HALF DAY WORKSHOP- April 10th 2019 
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The Easy Guide to Unbreakable Relationships- OUT NOW 
A ground-breaking and thought-provoking book for anyone who has ever felt resentful or unappreciated within ANY relationship, be it work, intimate, friendship, or even with strangers! This quick and easy proven system will work with anyone, regardless of age or gender as you will learn how to take control of what you have control of, YOURSELF!
What can you learn from Unbreakable Relationships?
There are five key points discussed throughout Unbreakable Relationships that are all crucial in the development of healthy and Unbreakable Relationships:
1. Mindset- is a persons ability to identify and understand their Beliefs systems and how they impact on their world and within their relationships. Mindset goes another set further to give people the ownership they new to control the things that they have control of. Learn the skills to understand what you have ownership of and the things you can control to relieve the stress of trying to control things you actually cannot.

2. Emotional Literacy- Emotional Literacy/ Emotional Intelligence is a person's ability to feel an emotion, identify it, label it and then know how to manage it and manage it well. Learn how to identify and manage your emotions to be able to communicate your needs efficiently within your relationships.

3. Values- Values determine your priorities in life and become a trusted measure of how to live your life. If your life is not turning out as you want it, check if you are living and making decisions based on your Values. Learn the importance of acting in alignment with your Values,

4. Boundaries- the importance of Boundaries is so you can shows other people what you are responsible for and what they are not responsible for. They help keep us safe and keep the good in and the bad out. Learn to identify your emotional, physical and mental Boundaries and why you need them and when you should put them in place. 

5. Communication- understanding the blocks to your communication styles and how to communicate in a way that others can hear you and being able understand your own message that you are trying to convey is crucial in building healthy, unbreakable relationships.  Often what we say is not actually what we mean or need. Learn how to efficiently communicate exactly what you need or what you mean.

The aim of the Half Day Workshop is to develop a foundation in mastery in Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Values, Boundaries and Communications so that you are more:
- Confident: within your self and within your relationships that no matter what comes up you are in it together and will and can manage it.
- Calm: giving you an overwhelming sense of calmness that you are enough and can work through any situation.
- Centred: allowing you to be centered and live a life based on who you are in your gut and by your values.
- Connection: to those around you leaving you with a feeling of belonging.
- Celebrated: allowing you to ignite the fun in your life and relationships allowing you to celebrate and enjoy each other again.
Downloadable MP3 Files
Drop Of Life has many helpful resources that you can access to help you with a variety of different concerns. Below are some MP3's to help manage anxiety and low mood.
Teachflix is the "Netflix" for Teachers' Professional Development.
Natalie has created some online units for teachers using Teachflix.

For more content from Natalie Turvey- check out the YouTube Channel linked below for access to VLOGS based on all the information in the book
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